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Custom Meals Prepared to Fit Your Lifestyle!

We prepare custom meals to keep you healthy and fit that work with your lifestyle. 

How it works

Each client begins the process by completing the intake form, simply download it from the link below. Once Chef Steve receives the intake form, he reviews it and then reaches out within 24-48 hours to set up a phone call with you, that’s right, Chef Steve, live and in person! During the phone call, you and Chef Steve will go over the intake form to ensure you are on the same page and allow you to ask any questions or make any special requests. At this time, Chef Steve will provide you with pricing and delivery options. Once your scheduled day arrives, Chef Steve will message you that your food is available for pickup/delivery and let you know his prep and cooking schedule to confirm your next order. Meals are only $13 (plus tax) each plus delivery with discounts for repeat customers.

Are you ready?

Congratulations, you are here and it’s time for the first step—we can’t wait to work with you! Whether you have a fitness goal or you’re just too busy to cook the meals you desire, we’ll create a plan that is custom fit for you! Complete our intake form, and let’s get the ball rolling!

Yes, we cater!

Let Chef Steve elevate your holidays, celebrations, and family reunions with a feast crafted just for you. From cherished family recipes to delectable seasonal delights, Chef Steve delivers! Savor the joy of shared meals and let us handle the details!

Meet Chef Steve

Chef Steve came from a very humble beginning. Born in a small county town, Pensacola, Florida; he developed a passion for cooking at a very early age. Being raised by a single mother, Steve spent most of his time with his Grandmother, in her kitchen, where she prepared traditional savory soul food. This is where he began to pick up certain techniques such as making a roux for gravies/stews and what spices to use when seasoning meats, fish, seafood, and other dishes. With his mother working long hours he was often tasked to start preparing dinner, which his mother would finish once she arrived home. Sunday dinners were extra special to him because most of his family would meet up at his grandmother’s house for dinner. Steve was inspired by how his grandmother’s food brought his family together.

Read more about Chef Steve

Chef Steve always had the desire to cook; however, becoming a chef was a second career for him. He had worked in warehouse management for many years, and then he decided to pursue his dream. Steve graduated at the top of his class, with honors from Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando, Florida in 2010. He started as a line cook at Rosen Shingle Creek, where he helped prepare food and worked as a part of a team to keep the food fresh on a large gourmet buffet. Working as a part of a large culinary team, Chef Steve developed great communication and leadership skills. Only after 9 months of employment, he was promoted to kitchen supervisor, where he executed strict quality controls to ensure food safety and adherence to food safety regulations. In 2015, he was promoted to Sous Chef in two restaurants within the hotel.

Chef Steve has been in the culinary industry for the past 10 years. With the impact on the hospitality industry due to the pandemic in 2020, he was laid off. Steve feels that God has revealed his purpose in life, which is to help others reach their goals. With his experience in preparing healthy meals for his family members who suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes for years, Steve knows what heart-healthy, low sodium, and diabetes-friendly, portion-controlled meals are. Whether the goal is losing weight or just eating healthy to improve their lives, his meals are healthy and flavorful. Chef Steve’s mission is to provide fresh healthy gourmet meals that are custom-fit to his client’s needs.

Here’s what our clients are saying!

I can’t believe I like cabbage, it was very good. The salmon is prepared very well, and your seasonings are so flavorful! I loved the zucchini noodles and the cauliflower rice is delicious—I’ll take that over brown rice any day! Thanks, Chef Steve, so far everything has been very good!



The turkey meatloaf was excellent, the broccoli was the best I’ve ever had! And best of all, the meals are on point with my Weight Watchers plan! Thank you again, the food has been great!



What a yummy week! That black bean salad was everything—I need that in my life every week for at least a month. And that spaghetti was so good I could just slap you!



After running around getting 4 kids to their activities, finding time to cook healthy can be a struggle! Chef Steve has come to the rescue to provide us with delicious meals ready to go! Seriously, if you have any doubts, give it a try—you won’t be disappointed!




A Trusted Partner

Chelsea is the Owner/Founder of PITYFitness in Apopka. She worked as an ER Nurse for over 12 years and is currently serving as 1LT in the USAR and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well as a NASM Stretch and Flexibility Coach and Youth Exercise Specialist. Growing up playing sports all her life (mainly softball and volleyball) she loves most anything. Her passion and calling in life is to help people. As a nurse, she has seen first-hand what not caring for yourself can lead to. She has also seen patients come in on countless medications and have no clue what they are for or what side effects they cause. Chelsea decided I wanted to stop this and try to change the culture. 

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Chef Steve cooks things up in Orange County, Florida, and services the surrounding area.